Chicago – October 8, 2011

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Chicago – October 8, 2011

After catching up on some overdue matting and framing a number images, and having a rare afternoon of no appointments/deadlines, I took advantage of the unseasonably nice weather to wander around and photograph the always photogenic city of Chicago.  With a high of 81 degrees and fully sunny, I couldn’t have asked for better weather.


Since I had the non-typical role of being a passenger instead of the driver, I was able to start my observations off from a passenger window and the sunroof.  The mid-day sun enhanced the detailing to help create this abstract architectural shot:

Chicago Abstract

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Next, I braved the always crowded Magnificent Mile (Mighican Avenue), which seemed much more crowded than normal due to the additional 45,000 Chicago inhabitants exploring the town before Sunday’s marathon.


The time of day wasn’t ideal for the artist Seward Johnson’s 26 foot tall Marilyn Monroe statue. Not only was statue shaded by neighboring buildings, but the crowd was large.  I suspect that only a very early morning, late night, or possibly a weekday visit will provide manageable crowds.  It was a nice statue though, and, contrary to a number of public criticisms, judging by the number of visitors, it appears to be a successful (though temporary) addition to the famed Chicago avenue.

Marilyn Monroe Statue

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The most surprising subject of the day was the Apple store.  Just three days after Steve Job’s untimely death, the already recognizable Apple store facade had been transformed into a colorful tribute to Apple’s founder & savior.

Apple Store Tribute to Steve Jobs 01

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I was, and remain, amazed at the content and sheer number of messages people were leaving on post-it notes stuck to the store’s windows.  The glass was nearly full of messages written on the popular, and colorfully diverse, 3″x3″ squares in a number of different languages.  While it is always sad when someone is taken (especially when they are still so relatively young), I can’t imagine a president, professional athlete, or even a movie star receiving any greater of a response from such a diverse crowd.  The messages ranged from simple “R.I.P.s,” to statements such as “You Changed the World for the Better,” to even comparing Steve Jobs to Isaac Newton, Copernicus, & Thomas Edison.  Personally, I’m not sure I would place him in the category of those figures, but strong statements such as those further confirm our growing reliance on technological gadgets such as cell phones and tablets.


To view more messages, and see more photos, please see my dedicated post by clicking on either image below.


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Apple Store Tribute to Steve Jobs 01 & 02

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After some early evening photos of a lesser photographed portion of the skyline, the day’s photographic journey ended at the 94th floor of the Hancock Building at the observation deck.  The Navy Pier fireworks would have been a great subject, were it not for the tripod ban and number of reflections in the glass.  I was able to counter those obstacles for a couple of night photos of the bustling city by monopolizing the few dark areas of the floor and creating some unique places to sit my camera to allow me to use the required longer exposures.

Chicago Skyline & Trump Tower

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Chicago Skyline From Above

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-Antuany Smith

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