Apple Store’s Tribute to Steve Jobs – October 8, 2011

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Apple Store’s Tribute to Steve Jobs – October 8, 2011

Just three days after Steve Job’s untimely death, the already recognizable Apple store facade had been transformed into a colorful tribute to Apple’s founder & savior.  I was, and remain, amazed at the content and sheer number of messages people were leaving on post-it notes stuck to the store’s windows.  The glass was nearly full of messages written on the popular, and colorfully diverse, 3″x3″ squares in a number of different languages.


While it is always sad when someone is taken (especially when they are still so relatively young), I can’t imagine a professional athlete, or movie star, or even a president or other world leader receiving any greater of a response from such a diverse crowd.  The messages ranged from simple “R.I.P.s,” to statements such as “You Changed the World for the Better,” to even comparing Steve Jobs to Isaac Newton, Copernicus, & Thomas Edison.  Personally, I’m not sure I would place him in the category of those figures, but strong statements such as those further confirm our growing reliance on technological gadgets such as cell phones and tablets.

To view larger versions, please view the following link: Chicago


-Antuany Smith




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