Cala – October 16, 2011

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Cala – October 16, 2011

Composing the image and setting up the lighting and exposure for this Cala Lily was the easy part. Finding a flawless flower to photograph turned out to be nearly impossible.  Since Calas aren’t native to the Midwest I initially assumed the flaws were caused by the transit time.  Now, after photographing various other flowers in varying settings, I realize that perfect specimens are rare.  Even when shooting wild unpicked flowers in their native environments, if not take during a very narrow window of the plant’s life, some sort of imperfection is usually present.  While the flaws are usually minor and not very prominent when viewing them in person, the single moment that the camera captures, without the other sensory effects, is usually unforgiving.

For this subject, I had photographed the flower for a number of days while it was opening.  By the time it reached the maturity as shown here, a few wrinkles had appeared.  They were not overly distracting, and only noticeable upon close inspection.  Unfortunately, they became prominent in the still images.  Since they weren’t part of the vision that I saw in front of me when I composed the shot, some minor photoshopping was required to eliminate the slight wrinkle and bring the image closer to what I originally saw through the camera’s viewfinder.  This process, while it is available to a much wider audience thanks to advances in technology, has been around nearly since the advent of printing images on silver halide plates, long before the airbrush effects of the 80s and the digital manipulation of today.


Cala Lily 01

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-Antuany Smith


  1. Superb shot, thanks for sharing!

  2. Your post, Cala – October 16, 2011 | Studio ATS, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards from Eugena!

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