Chicago Cloud Gate – February 17, 2012

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Chicago Cloud Gate – February 17, 2012

In a surprising move, I’ll be a day or two early with this week’s post, as opposed to the typical day or two late….sort of.  I don’t have the post written yet, but due to the timing of a current exhibit, I felt it was urgent to get this post up for all of my fellow Chicagoans.  While Cloud Gate, more commonly refered to as just “The Bean” is always worth a visit, from now until February 20th (only 3 more nights!), there is a lightshow exhibit going on from 6-9.  I highly recommend anyone who can, give it a visit (but later at night preferably to avoid the crowds.)

More text will follow this weekend with a better description of my time there, the exhibit, and possibly even an additional photo or two!

Cloud Gate at Dusk

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  1. A few more photos from the evening have been added to my “New Releases” section at the following link:

  2. I love the photos. I was part of Dawn and Donnie’s wedding and I’m interested in purchasing some of the photos of my son and daughter which were the flower girl and ring bearer and some of the others. Do you have a speacial link for them? Thanks Heide.

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